Thursday, 23 July 2015

WEEK 20 - I won....I got my own way....we found out the sex....and....

So we debated all the way to the hospital today still not agreeing on whether to find out the sex or not. 

Hubby was adamant he wanted to wait for the surprise. However being aware of his distinct lack of patience, I remained quietly confident that he would buckle when directly faced with the opportunity - and I was right! 

He gave in!


So we are having a little boy! 

Very exciting. And the baby was nice and healthy, and showed no obvious signs of any issues to my absolute relief! 

I have to admit, I was kind of hoping for a little girl. Only because selfishly I wanted to take her clothes shopping etc, and had also ear marked some adorable little girlie outfits, and dresses 'to-die-for', that will now look completely wrong on my little boy. 

I wouldn't do that, I couldn't. Could I??

I love seeing the scan. It all becomes so real at that moment, and I could watch that monitor all day. I wish you could buy one for home so you could see what the little guy is up to every so often. Not that I have any idea what it is I'm looking at! I can't tell what is what, I just smile, nod, and say ahhhhhh a lot, pretending I do.

Before the lady asked if we wanted to know the sex, my husband, Andy, said that he thought he already knew. He was convinced he had noticed a little suspect shape around the groin area but didn't want to say. And he was right! Trust the man to focus directly on that area first! He even asked at the end of the scan if she could measure it, which was well embarrassing. She wasn't the friendliest anyway and that didn't impress her one bit! - It was funny though!     

Not only that but my bladder was at bursting point when I went into the scan. So much so that when she pressed I had to really try to stop myself from exploding. Then (as I currently have a cold - annoying) I had a coughing fit and thus did wee a bit! My maternity jeans are bright blue and it was definitely noticed. My husband found this very entertaining.  

Since the scan and the reality has again sunk in, I am thrilled it's a boy. My step-son Leo who is now 10 years old, is an adorable young lad and is absolutely no bother at all. If our new arrival turns out anywhere close to Leo then we will be truly blessed. 

What this means now though having three boys in the household is, of course, that I can no longer sit by and be a spectator when they play FIFA. I am going to have to get involved now for sure. 

I am glad we found out the sex, as one of our friends made a really great point that you can now start calling the baby a him, rather than an IT! We can also get cracking on names, and the nursery, and lots of gorgeous clothes. I just want him here now. Im growing impatient already, as well as larger, and larger. 

Baby brain & Bella brain = Trouble!

I am more than well known for my Bella brain. I have to confess I am rather clumsy and a little scatty too. Most of the furniture, and crockery in our house has suffered the effects, along with the new carpet I burned with the new iron that I dropped and broke, and the Ironing board I bent (although this one was due to trying to surf pissed on top of it). 
My husband has grown to accept the ever familiar sound of a cup or plate crashing in the kitchen when I'm cooking and doesn't flinch now. Maybe we should have the kitchen tiles replaced with thick foam ones, or a trampoline type surface so they come bouncing back up for me to catch them? 

I could go on with many examples but to name just a couple. There was the time when I was in a shop and came out to my partners car (at least I thought it was his) and jumped straight in with a complete stranger who nearly had a heart attack. And the last job I had where I went for lunch and my bag straps caught a traffic cone that I dragged for 20 yards before realising, much to the amusement of my new colleagues. The list is endless and I am sure my friends and husband can recollect better than I can but you get the picture. 

I have read about 'baby brain'. Is it a fact or a myth? They say that it is true and that it's official term is 'pregnancy - induced - fog'? It can make you forgetful, over-sensitive, and unable to focus on logical tasks. Has anyone else suffered from this? Only today I received a call from a good citizen who had handed in my purse. Luckily I had some phone numbers in my purse and they called my husband who told me the purse was found on a roundabout?!

Suddenly it clicked that after paying for my petrol Id left my purse on the roof of the car and drove off. My husband is always saying that when I drive it's like being in a washing machine, and perhaps the fact the roundabout is 10 yards from the petrol station would suggest maybe it is? It didn't stay on the roof very long! 

The amount of times I go to put stuff in the fridge that shouldn't be in there and stuff I go to put in the cupboard that belongs in the fridge. And finding words too?! I can't find my words at the moment. 

Maybe I am using it as an excuse but If it's possible to be any more clumsy then I am sure it is happening. I wonder if I am alone on this? I hope not! 

Anyway, I got my purse back, and whats a cup or saucer between friends? I am loving being pregnant and chuffed to bits with my last scan. I can't wait to meet my little boy and hold him.

I just hope i don't drop him!