Thursday, 21 May 2015

WEEK 12 - I'm having a baby!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally I am 12 weeks pregnant and can let the cat out the bag (so to speak). I hate keeping a secret, I really do. It actually pains me! I am one of those who will shake the presents under the tree because I can't bear to wait a few more days. When I was a child I would hunt the house to search for them before they were wrapped. Let's face it parents are not the best at hiding presents, and clearly greatly underestimate the cunningness and ability of a child to covertly infiltrate the cupboard under the stairs!!

I'm Bella; I've just hit the ripe old age of 31, and like many women, I have met my fair share of losers! You know the ones....who think buying a knackered old bunch of flowers from the garage on the way home after a very necessary row over a tea bag (for example) is going to make everything just perfect again?!

Well now I am married; On January 18th 2014 to be precise. It was the perfect day. The dress of my dreams, Jimmy Choo shoes (2nd hand off eBay) that I had to take off after the 'I DO' bit because they killed my feet. And copious amounts of vino (which made my feet all better again!).
Oh how the vino did flow. And did I mention my gorgeous, loving, (non 'garage-flower' buying husband) who said YES? It was amazing.

Everyone looks better in B&W!

Here I am just over one year later, and I have discovered I am pregnant with our first baby. I actually did the test in the early hours of a Sunday morning in April, after a heavy night on the town with my hubby. He kindly pointed out that my breasts were popping out of my brassiere, and that we should maybe check the cause of this mysterious phenomenon.
Arriving home with our kebabs in tow, I went straight upstairs to check. Let me tell you that JagerBombs and urinating on tiny sticks do not go too well together!! Luckily I had a few tests at home and managed to verify that indeed I was pregnant!

'After washing my hands I ran down to tell him the great news' 

We could hardly contain our excitement (we had to pause Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway) and then we danced in the living room singing and jumping for joy. The reality soon set in as hubby returned the glass of vino (he had just poured for me) back into the bottle and stored my kebab for his supper the next evening. "You can have my salad" "I'll get you a glass of orange - mummy!"

Now I am over the '12 week don't tell anyone other than close family - just incase' phase, I can finally start to tell all of my friends, who, let's just say have been a little shocked. Being known as a party girl most of my adult life, my close friends found it hard enough to accept I was getting married. But now a mummy too!!!!!
Wait till I get myself a 7 seater and start saying things like 'Im just off on the school run" OR "eeeeee, don't they grow up fast" That will really freak them out!

So now I am 12 weeks a lot has happened. Time for a quick catch up...
  • Went to doctors and he said I wasn't!!
  • Panicked 
  • Tested myself again half an hour later (5 times) and they were all positive. 
  • Rang doctors to complain (think he was dipping the wrong end in my sample)
  • Went back and this time he dipped the right end in and I was pregnant again! (Yey)
  • £50 worse off for all the test kits (Grrrrr)
All that was just day 1...and so....
  • Supremely knackered for the last 3 weeks, lots of lie in's and breakfast in bed. (Milking it!) 
  • Supremely hungry (not for weird stuff yet like coal or soap) - mostly cake and biscuits (Midwife advised to eat a bar of chocolate a day for Iron) Brilliant!
  • A small amount of morning sickness but nothing major touch wood!
  • My first scan at 12 weeks (just yesterday) 

See Doc......I definitely am!
Here's our little creation!

I was incredibly nervous for the scan. I couldn't help but wonder what would happen if they said there is no baby, you have just been eating far too much girl! Then there was the worry if baby would be ok. Thankfully it all went really well, and what an amazing experience to see my baby for the very first time! He or she was a lively one, and was kicking and moving around. They did struggle to persuade baby to move onto it's side at one point to which my hubby said to be that stubborn it had to be a girl!!!

I was really amazed to see that despite the size of the baby how visible the features were. Apparently my baby is the size of a Plum! They must mean a prize winning plum as my jeans stopped fitting me a long time ago! When it gets to the size of a peach I hope they don't mean the one from that Roald Dahl book? As long as I am expanding it's a good sign so I don't care, and also means a perfect excuse to shop! Here I come 'Primarni'!!!! 

My ongoing dilemma is if to find out the sex of our baby. My husband wants to wait to keep this as a lovely surprise, but going back to the earlier part of this blog I am not the best at being patient. Can I wait another 28 weeks???? I don't know....hmmmmmm


  1. Lol I'm with you.....I would soooooooo have to find out πŸ‘ΆπŸ»πŸ˜ƒ

  2. Aawww what a lovely blog lol and funny......exciting and scarey time....Glad youre keeping well ...looking for ward to the next instalment xx

  3. Aawww what a lovely blog lol and funny......exciting and scarey time....Glad youre keeping well ...looking for ward to the next instalment xx

  4. Aawww what a lovely blog lol and funny......exciting and scarey time....Glad youre keeping well ...looking for ward to the next instalment xx